Fossils and Field Work

La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum, Pit 91, Project 23, and Fossil Lab

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Paleontology lab

Los Angeles County Purple Line Metro Extension

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Construction Site

Curation of the Kent Gibbson Fossil Collection

Dire wolf scapula fragments
Bison thoracic vertebra
Sabertooth cat cervical vertebra
Rodent jaw
Coyote scapula
Various mammal bone fragments
Dire wolf thoracic vertebra
Crow femur
Sabertooth cat skull
Dire wolf scapula
Hawk limb fragment & turtle carapace fragment
Mosasaur jaw fragment
crocodile scapula
Various fossils, including sloth ribs
Sabertooth cat cervical vertebra
Sub-adult coyote dentary
Coyote phalanx
Coyote calcaneum
Buckets of marine fossils from the Astoria Formation, Oregon
Bison sacrum
Bivalvia shells
Plant fragment
Sabertooth cat skull
Sloth lumbar vertebra
Bison metapodial
Dire wolf illium
Various fossils, including bird, coyote, and sloth fragments
Bison jaw fragment