• The history of life is so beautifully written
    on the bones of the long dead

Welcome to my website, I’m glad you found me!

My name is Lyzzy Coultley (they/them) and I am a first year Ph.D. student at the University of Oregon (located on the traditional homeland of the Kalapuya people). I work under Dr. Edward Davis, in the Hopkins-Davis Vertebrate Paleontology lab. My specialties are in functional morphology, fossil identification, 3D geometric morphometrics, and paleoecology.

What does science mean to me?

Science means giving back to the community in which you live. Science does not exist in a vacuum, so it is important to explore your biases, so you can pursue the best research and do the most good for the world.

I’m passionate about community science outreach and education, so I do my part in teaching the next generation of scientists how to think critically about the world around them. My goal is to create equitable and open science for everyone who wants to learn and engage in research of any kind.

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